Spiritual Discipline

Every 2nd and 4th Sunday.

Please contact our ministry via email or phone if you are interesting in being a part of these classes.

The War Room

This is adult bible study wherein believers have the opportunity to discuss and life questions.  This is a structured setting guided by a curriculum but attendees have the opportunity to ask questions about presented material.

F3 Bible Study

F3 = Fellowship, Food & Fun

This is youth bible study that takes place during the same time the adults meet.  This for young people ages 12 to 17.  They meet and discuss relative life issues with a bible answer, they have different activities that make the lessons more interesting and food is served during every meeting.

Discipleship Class

This class is to provide a discipleship tool that covers the different disciplines a believer needs to grow and remain sober amidst life’s challenges. As the believer submits to spiritually based disciplines according to scripture, they will undergo the metamorphosis (transformation) the Apostle Paul spoke about in Romans 12:2.

Sunday Service